Making it Easy for Your Mobile Candidates to Apply for Jobs

Did you know that 25% of JobFlo-powered job posting views are done on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. And that number is growing! It’s difficult to impossible to upload a file-based resume from most smartphones and tablets. It’s also really difficult to read most job postings on the small displays of these devices.


We’ve made it easy for mobile job seekers to view and apply for your job postings on JobFlo. In addition to optimizing the layout and fonts of job postings for mobile devices, we’ve added multiple options for candidates to apply for your postings. The new “Apply With LinkedIn” button enables job seekers to quickly apply using their LinkedIn profile data. This works great both on the Web and on mobile devices.

Save Time With Skills Assessments

Are you spending a lot of time filtering out unqualified candidates with phone screens and interviews? JobFlo’s new integrated skills assessments feature can help!


Skills assessments are sets of questions that can be displayed automatically as part of the application process or that you can manually email as a link to an applicant after you review the resume. You can ask any number of questions, including special logic that will only display certain questions based upon the values of previous answers. You can assign scores to each answer, ultimately compiling a single score for the overall skills assessment. You can then set a score threshold – candidates pass if they receive a score above your threshold.

JobFlo has built-in support for automated workflow based upon passing or failing the skills assessment. For example, a score over the threshold would automatically generate an email to that candidate for a next step such as a phone screen or interview.

In addition to saving your company huge amounts of time by not wasting valuable resources manually screening out unqualified applicants, skills assessments also gives you visibility into the distribution of skills and other attributes of your candidate pool through graphic summaries as shown in the image below.


To get started, contact us and we’ll work with you to create one or more skills assessment that you can use in any of your JobFlo-powered job openings.