Announcing Contingency Recruiter Support!

With very difficult to fill jobs it is sometimes worthwhile working with contingency recruiters. The upside is you don’t pay them anything unless you hire one of their candidates. The downside is the fee (often 15 – 25% of first year’s salary), but also the time it takes to work with them. Unfortunately many contingency recruiters attempt to get as many interviews as possible for their candidates, regardless of fit. And that can be a huge waste of time for their clients.

We’re thrilled to announce that JobFlo now has special features to make it much easier to work with contingency recruiters, saving our clients tons of time! Business Edition users can now add any number of external recruiters as seats on their account. The recruiters can then upload resumes of their candidates, along with private notes, for your review. Like any other candidate you can rate the candidate as qualified or unqualified, give them a star rating, and add notes and labels.

What saves you time however is all of your activity is emailed back to the recruiter – they will see your feedback on the candidate, without the need for them to call or email you. If you’ve worked with contingency recruiters before you know that many are constantly contacting you trying to get updates on their candidates, making it very difficult to work with more than one or two at a time. JobFlo’s new features for working with contingency recruiters changes that, saving both you and the external recruiters a huge amount of time!

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