How To Make Sure Your Candidate Gets Your Email

Since so much of your communication to job candidates is done through email, it’s really important that your rock star applicant gets the emails you send them, and the content of the emails is correct. JobFlo makes it easy to do the latter. With our SmartEmail feature you can create templates for all of the common emails your company uses in the recruiting process. JobFlo will then substitute the dynamic information in the template such as the candidate’s name or job posting title, sparing you the embarrassment of sending an email with wrong information. And also saving you a ton of time!

But what about email deliverability – ensuring the candidate got the message? To ensure outbound email from JobFlo has the highest deliverability rate we use Mailgun to deliver both transactional and SmartEmails. Every applicant who applies for a job posting powered by JobFlo receives an acknowledgement email that their application was successfully received. We send out tens of thousands of these emails every month, and using Mailgun helps to ensure we have a very high deliverability rate.

When you use JobFlo’s SmartEmail feature the candidate gets an email that appears to come from you – your name – and your email address. Since SPAM is such a huge problem, Email Service Providers (ESP’s) have developed two different systems to detect spam, SPF and DKIM. The concept of SPF is very simple – the ESP contacts the DNS server of the domain of the sender (which would be your company’s domain) and checks to see if the IP address of the server sending the email is authorized to send email on behalf of your company. If so, your email, which is actually being delivered by JobFlo via Mailgun, passes the SPF test, resulting in a very high deliverability rate.

There’s only one very quick and easy thing you need to do in order to get your company’s domain to allow JobFlo/Mailgun to pass the SPF test. You need to ask your IT person to add to the SPF record of your company’s domain DNS settings. Sounds complicated, but don’t worry, they’ll know what that is, and it only takes seconds to do it.

When they have told you they added the record it’s easy to check for yourself. Just go to and plug in your company’s domain. Click the MX Lookup button, then do a second search but click the dropdown arrow on the right of the MX Lookup button and choose SPF Record Lookup. You should see something like this with a line for

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