ZipRecruiter Boost: Get more and better applicants!

Every day it gets harder for employers to get the attention of the best candidates for open jobs. We have a new feature that can help! JobFlo has partnered with ZipRecruiter to provide an outstanding way for employers and recruiters to reach the best candidates.

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ZipRecruiter Boost provides:

  • Featured placement in job alerts sent to 15M+ job seekers
  • Sponsorship on ZipRecruiter’s largest job board partners
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

ZipRecruiter Boost is available from within JobFlo for over 50% off ($99 instead of the regular $199) until April 30. It’s easy to add ZipRecruiter Boost to your job posting in JobFlo: from the JobFlo Dashboard click the Add link under Premium Distribution and follow the prompts.

Even if you don’t have a job currently posted on JobFlo you can still take advantage of this offer by posting a new job and then adding ZipRecruiter Boost. If you don’t have a JobFlo account you can sign up for a 30-day JobFlo trial, create your first job posting, then Boost that posting with ZipRecruiter.


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